It takes guts to live well and be empowered. Life can be messy when our bellies hurt and when we are not comfortable in our own skin. Living through this messiness is what taught me the most about how my body works and how I want to live within it.

After years of belly pain, embarrassing gas, and bloating that made me wish the overfilled balloon taking up residence in my gut would finally pop, and the food fire creeping up my chest would get doused for the last time, I decided to put my clinical knowledge as a dietitian into personal practice.

While the center of my body felt better, and I no longer searched for the closest bathroom when entering  a public space, I still felt ashamed of my size and shape. In hindsight this makes no sense to me. At the time though I felt unworthy of working in healthcare, because I was not the embodiment of perfection.

And then suddenly it occurred to me…and by suddenly I mean over several years…I cannot and do not want to achieve perfection. It is exhausting and unrealistic. My clients do not expect or want perfection from their providers either. We all want practical, empowered, and authentic.

This time it took a different kind of guts to reject diet culture, appreciate all the things my body can do, and learn how to feel good in my skin. This is not body positivity, perfection, or the final destination. This is discovery, acknowledgement, and integration of practices to establish and maintain wellbeing both inside and out. This is the acceptance of myself, just as I am now and as the journey unfolds before me, without apologies or explanations.

So what does this mean for you? You get to choose strategic nutrition approaches to achieve a grateful gut and body empowerment. I can help you ditch the diets, restrictions, and rules that leave you feeling hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. Instead discover how you move from feeling gross to grateful. Whether your belly hurts when you eat or your body is starving for love and acceptance, there are opportunities to acknowledge your unique nutrition needs and integrate gentle solutions that will leave you feeling grateful for your guts and comfortable in your own skin.