The Best Gift Ever

Some of the best holiday gifts are experienced rather than unwrapped. We can all remember a time when our hearts melted and for a split second we glowed with pride knowing that we were the cause of someone else’s joy.

Focusing outside of ourselves helps keep our own blessings and sorrows in perspective, though often we become so outwardly focused that we lose touch with how we feel and with what we need to continue nurturing and caring for ourselves.

Holidays bring about such merriment and jubilation, and there is no better way to fully experience all of this than by taking a little time to refocus, relax and remember what brings us joy. Take a moment to refuel your holiday spirit.

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to become calm and quiet. When you are ready, recall your most exciting holiday memory. Visualize all of the details like the color of wrapping paper, the smell of the holiday meal, the sounds of your family and all of the anticipation. How old were you? Remember what it was like to open that one, long-awaited gift. Remember the excitement and exhilaration. Sit quietly with this memory for a moment, and then slowly focus on how you felt. Relive those feelings now. Take a few more deep breaths and open your eyes.

What would it take for you to experience those feelings once again? What can you do today to nurture the part within yourself that keeps you feeling jovial and happy? Make this holiday the best yet by giving yourself the best gift possible, permission to soak in each moment and graciously accept all that you have to give and receive this holiday season.