Living Inside Out: The Concept

What do architecture and health have in common? Consider for a moment a beautiful building, aesthetically pleasing, congruent with its environment, yet with subtle uniqueness that makes it all the more wondrous. Compare now the building with the human existence. We all have a physical structure that for the most part is similar in nature from one person to the next. Some physical structures may be more aesthetically pleasing to some rather than others, and like the beauty of the building the subtle uniqueness among people is what makes each of us all the more wondrous. Regardless of the aesthetic qualities of either, without the strength of a solid infrastructure or unconditional support from the environment or a network of dedicated advocates, the aesthetic beauty will crumble away over time.

The infrastructure of the human existence is what makes up our health. Though the infrastructure for each person might be slightly different, in general we can consider three common components, the mental (thinking and knowing), emotional or spiritual (feeling and believing) and physical (living and breathing). In order for our infrastructure to be sound each component should be tended to and balanced among the others.

The concept of living inside out strengthens and balances each component of your personal infrastructure. It focuses on how our lifestyles, habits and activities of daily living support our mental, emotional/spiritual and physical health. The work we do for ourselves inside will translate to the beauty and longevity of our physical structures on the outside, enabling us to maintain our uniqueness and wonder throughout the ages.