Accepting Imperfections

There have been a lot of changes in my life in last several years.  I am very grateful for all of the experiences these provided, and for all of the success along the way. I have also learned a few lessons that only came from acknowledging my flaws, admitting mistakes and accepting my own imperfections.
Accepting imperfection has been a lesson I have learned over and over and over again. As a high school athlete I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best. Most of the time I was not, but I still worked my ass off to try and be the best. In college I kept working out like I was training for the biggest event of my life all because I was striving to have the perfect body. No matter how much weight I lost (which was never very much), or how much weight I gained (which happened more than I preferred), I was never satisfied with myself.
This focus on imperfection has carried itself well into my adulthood. Admittedly it has taken on many different variations, but nonetheless, if there was just one more thing I could change, then I would _________ (fill in the blank with any number of responses). And, if you are being totally honest with yourself, how often have you felt this way, just one more thing to change before you actually feel good about yourself, feel worthy or good enough?
Now I actually have a much healthier relationship with my body and I like to think I am a little kinder to myself in general. I tend to focus more on how I feel, rather than how I look. Sure there are still times I wish I could find the perfect pair of jeans that fit my waist, hips and quadzilla thighs that do not require a set of air squats until they fit just right. I would like to be less emphatic when I get riled up about something, so that people don’t look at me and say, “whoa,” or worse, “calm down.” Through some of these imperfections though I have discovered a few things that I really like about myself. I have great shoulders and the strength to do some killer push ups. My thighs are very muscular, which allows me to ride my bike and go for long walks.  And of course all of the energy I release when I get riled up about something is simply a manifestation of my passion.
Today I am learning to accept a new set of imperfections. I am starting my own private practice as a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, which means I am becoming a business owner. I am building my own website, writing my own blog, sharing more of my own stories than ever before. I am feeling very vulnerable at times, inadequate at other times and super excited.  I read through my previous blog posts and see 45 things I should have done differently or that I should fix…from typos to poor word choices, bad grammar and foul language.  For right now though I am going to continue accepting these imperfections and focus on the lessons to learn, rather than what is wrong.
Instead of ending this blog post with my top five tips for some food, fitness or fun strategy, I am going to ask that you too accept imperfections.  I ask that you accept my imperfections and give me a little wiggle room for learning how to develop my skill sets as an entrepreneur and how to build your trust.  I also ask that you accept your own imperfections, give yourself a little wiggle room for learning your own lessons and being more comfortable than perfect.

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