Favorite Things List

So I haven’t completely shed the super woman cape.  I have the good fortunate of bringing new clients.  They provide me with so much inspiration.  Unfortunately I have not removed anything else from my calendar, so once again I find myself with too much to do and not enough time to do it.  Instead of stressing out this time though I plan to fall back on a few of my favorite things.  I honor the time I can spend reveling in each of these, even it is only for 5 minutes in the day.

  • I love early mornings.  A new day always offers fresh perspectives.
  • My favorite ways to relieve stress are to practice yoga, enjoy a good cup of coffee (current flavor is coconut), read an interesting book and talk to friends (morning commute conversations and FaceTime are lifesavers right now).
  • Nothing can get me motivated like doing my own strength workout so that I recognize just how much power I really have.
  • Riding my electric blue Electra cruiser never feels like work, even when I am riding to the gym to go to work to teach a class or see clients.
  • When I finally admit that my body and brain are at capacity a good massage helps put me back together.
I must thank everyone who is a part of my life and contributes to my favorite things list.  

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