We all watch the Biggest Loser and are amazed by the  volume of weight the contestants drop.  We may pick up a few good tips from Bob and Jillian.  We may be motivated by the accomplishments of the contestants, and a few of us may even be annoyed by the overuse of product placement.  Few of us, however, actually go to the gym the next day striving to workout for 8-hours with the expectation that we will be 15 pounds lighter at the end of the week.  So the real questions…

Q:  What is a realistic health and wellness goal, especially when considering weight loss?

A:   KISS a SMART goal

Healthy habits take time to establish.  Weight loss tests patience, and change requires acceptance.  All of this to say that the best way to accomplish any one of these is to KISS a SMART goal.

Simple &

Keeping it simple refers to understanding why a goal is important to you.  If you want to lose 15 pounds, then first ask yourself why you want to lose those 15 pounds…feel more confident, reduce your risk for heart disease, decrease knee pain.  The underlying reasons for most outcome-oriented goals are simple, and generally related to being happy or feeling better/good. 

The smart part of the goal describes how you will accomplish that goal.

Specific–I will feel more confident
Measurable–by losing 15 pounds
Achievable–I know I can do this because (explain your support system) I hired a personal trainer
Realistic–I will accomplish this goal in 15 weeks
Timley–and I will start today

I am fit, fun and fabulous!

This year I am foregoing the typical New Year resolutions in favor of a more positive approach. Miriam-Webster online defines a resolution as the process of resolving, which is the act of solving a problem or simplifying a complex notion. So, instead of resolving to fix my problems I am going to focus on what is going right in my life.

Have you ever heard that like attracts like? Even in realms outside of mind/body/spirit, such as chemistry and psychology, this notion is supported by scientific evidence. I decided to apply this idea to myself in 2010 and redefine my perspective on life. If I believe and feel I am positive, happy and successful, then according to the notion that like attracts like I will continue to experience all of the blessings that being positive, happy and successful will bring to me and those around me.

I narrowed my focus to the 10 most positive aspects of my life and, then identified the behaviors and habits I have or would like to have that support these.

Here goes:

1. I am fit.

  • workout most days of the week
  • complete the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon
  • complete an Ironman 70.3

2. I am fun.

  • participate in activites that are motivating and inspiring
  • try something new each month

3. I am fabulous.

  • embrace the qualities that make me unique
  • celebrate the qualities that make others unique

4. There is enough time to accomplish all tasks that are important to me.

  • learn when and how to say no to tasks and activities that do not serve my higher purpose
  • plan time to relax 
  • enjoy each moment as it happens

5. My friends and family are supportive of my achievements and endeavors.

  • support my friends’ and family’s achievements and endeavors
  • give credit to my friends and family for participating and celebrating the achievements and endeavors that are important to me

6. Abundance surrounds me.

  • express gratitude for everything in my life (big and small)
  • take advantage of opportunities that provide abundance to others
  • live with integrity in all aspects of my life including finances, work, school, family, fun and community

7. The right people come to me at the right time.

  • understand that everyone has something to offer
  • greet each person as if they were a brand new friend

8. Life presents opportunities to grow and learn.

  • believe that each experience has as much capacity to be good as it does to be bad
  • choose to see only the good in each experience

9. I love and accept myself and others unconditionally.

  • realize my strengths
  • recognize opportunities for improvement
  • celebrate the perfection in each person

10. The world is filled with peace and prosperity.

  • send positive, happy thoughts to people who are struggling
  • act kindly towards everyone with whom I come into contact
  • give of myself, my time and the abundance in my life for the benefit of others

OK, there is my start to the New Year. Now it is your turn to join me on my positive journey. What are the positive parts of your life that you choose to focus on in 2010? Are you fit, fun and fabulous too?